Ah.  Of course.  The day that gets most women (and some men) from all over the world riled up – Valentine’s Day!  No matter how many times you’ve celebrated this occasion before, you still cannot deny the overwhelming feeling that this day brings.  A great date is always a must and it entails a whole lot of effort, creativity and of course, time.  Unfortunately, not everyone can channel their inner Martha Stewart and whip up a fabulous dinner for two in an instant.  But don’t fret dear ones!  We can give you the absolute guide on how to have an impressive dinner date without you stressing about the perfect meal.  You need not smell like herbs and spices, singe your eyebrows, destroy your mani and all that jazz.  All you need to do is make sure you’ve got enough pampering and time to prepare for the night.  We bring you the ultimate guide for the best restaurants in Collin County that will definitely make your 14th of February special.

  1. Estilo Gaucho Brazilian Steakhouse – Frisco, Texas

Said to be the best Brazilian restaurant in Dallas, Estilo Gaucho is definitely a great place for a romantic dinner date.  This restaurant is definitely a five-star review worthy with its impeccable service and equally delicious meals.  They offer you a decent selection of meat, all of which were very juicy and bombarded with seasoning with the right mix.  This ensures that diners can expect nothing short of perfection in the dishes served.  The upscale atmosphere also brings about that luxurious experience plus they make sure that all customers are treated like kings and queens.



  1. Steve Fields Steak and Lobster Lounge – Plano, Texas

Achieving the promise of their tagline, “A Little City in the Suburbs”, Steve Fields Steak and Lobster Lounge will surely not disappoint.  Enjoy their decadent dinner recipes in dim lighting while being serenaded with piano music.  Then, finish your meal by indulging in a romantic dessert that will surely complete a great night.

  1. Rick’s Chophouse – McKinney, Texas

Classic fine-dining steakhouse in a historic hotel, Rick’s Chophouse usually has their first-time diners in awe.  Taking someone to this romantic restaurant is sure to make a lasting impression and a wonderful memory.  The atmosphere is intimate and sophisticated.  The décor is warm and has all the flair one seeks when planning a dramatic dining experience for this Valentine’s Day.

  1. Perry’s Steakhouse and Grill – Frisco, Texas

Treat your sweetheart to an intimate meal for two in Perry’s Steakhouse and Grill.  They offer one of the best pork chops in Texas.  Music is also in the air, keeping the warm and soft atmosphere.  When it comes to the décor, you would totally love the classy but not overwhelming style they’ve done.  What more will keep the love in your heart by sharing a delicious meal with someone special at one of the most romantic restaurants in Texas?


  1. Seasons 52 – Plano, Texas

For those who want to eat out on Valentine’s but stay fit, we highly recommend this restaurant.  Located in Plano, Seasons 52 is for those who sworn to follow their new year’s resolutions.  If your list includes “eat healthily” then this is definitely a great place.  They intend to prepare your meals with your health in mind as all of their items have lower than 475 calories.  Still, all of the dishes and desserts are so full of flavor.  Not only that, they assure their couple diners have an “out of the ordinary experience” with their lively ambiance and posh piano-enhanced surroundings.  Romance will surely fill the air.

  1. Shiawase – Allen, Texas

Tired of the conventional dinner dates?  Then go Japanese!  Shiawase offers sumptuous dishes that go with their amazing ambiance.  The place looks pretty opulent.  The amount of detail that goes into the atmosphere alone is so unreal.  As recommended, you should try their Romantic Danny which comprises of shrimp tempura and spicy tuna on the inside and seared salmon on the outside.  Also, Shiawase is loosely translated to “happiness” however, there isn’t really a single English word that captures its meaning.  It’s more like a combination of being happy, content and lucky at the same time.


  1. Mexican Sugar – Plano, Texas

As shown by their customers’ raving reviews, Mexican Sugar is surely one of the favorites to start a romantic night.  The food is considered by some to be phenomenal and their service staff and valets are very much appreciated.  You can also choose from their great party room or their intimate seating.  The atmosphere really ups the ante.  An artistic waiting room that accommodates mingling makes up for the long wait.  What’s not romantic about a Chic-Cowboy-Mexican vibe?

  1. Jasper’s – Plano, Texas

I’m pretty sure that this restaurant is suited to your ideal romantic evening.  With wonderful service, really good food, and gorgeous décor, it’s perfect!  The Prime Rib Hash, Crab Cake Benedict, and Lamb Shank are some of Jasper’s must-try dishes.  Private dining rooms are also offered.  However, reservations must be done beforehand to ensure great seating.  Very cool place for a spontaneous dinner out or a planned romantic evening.

  1. Gloria’s Latin Cuisine – Frisco, Texas

This Mexican/Salvadorian is something worth a try this coming Valentine’s Day. The intricate plating for their sumptuous dishes is absolutely easy on the eyes and palate. Coupled up with excellent service, the beautifully designed restaurant is sure to help you make the most of your Valentine’s date.

  1. Platia Greek Kouzina – Frisco, Texas

For those yearning for a Greek delight, we recommend Platia Greek Kouzina. The place, oozing with that traditional Greek atmosphere is sure to add warmth to your wonderful night, especially with their cozy space and stone-and-brick courtyard decor. The food exemplifies the authentic Mediterranean feels with all the herbs and spices perfectly blended together. Even more appealing, Platia Greek Kouzina is also a healthier choice as they vow to use only fresh and green ingredients to satisfy every single customer.