Just as interior decoration and design is a highly individualized endeavor, the landscaping in the backyard of your Collin County area home should be a reflection of your own taste and preferences. A lot depends on your lifestyle. Do you have children (or grandchildren) who will play there a lot? Do you do a lot of outdoor entertaining? Adapt your yard to your activities.

Of course, the amount of space you have to deal with is important. Some homes have enough space for everything, from an Olympicsize swimming pool to a tennis court. This is not the usual state of affairs, however. With some thought and planning, you can do a lot with a small space.

Terracing can be used to offset the flower garden from the lawn area. The use of decorative gravel or patio stones can make attractive paths through the more colorful part of the garden. A small pond in one corner can have a reflecting and peaceful effect.

If you like wildlife, you may want to have a natural, less manicured look in your yard. A variety of colors and plants will attract birds and butterflies. Certain wildflowers attract certain species. You can find a lot about it if you go online. In that sort of setting, many people like to feature a watering system with a fountain for sound and movement.

People who do a lot of backyard barbecuing may want a roomy patio of brick or decorative stone for their cookouts, with lots of comfy patio furniture, including chaises, chairs, and side tables. You may even have room for a bar with stools. If you have enough space, you can dedicate a portion of the yard to games such as cornhole, badminton, and the like.

What better way to top off an outdoor party than with live fire? The possibilities are limitless! Perhaps the first pit should be a mobile one. That way, you can check different parts of the yard to see where the best place for a permanent pit would be.

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