Shining, shimmering, splendid, indeed!

Yes, the much awaited holiday atmosphere is now around us, bringing along those colorful and magnificent Christmas decorations and lights that never fail to cheer us up!  Here are the top Christmas light displays around Collin County that are surely worth a drive.



Best Christmas Displays in Collin County

Some of the best December memories are turning on some holiday music and driving through Christmas light displays. Beautiful exhibitions brighten up the dark December evenings and serve as great family fun or a romantic evening, regardless of one’s personal faith.

Click here to discover these treasures: a neighborhood so famous for their lights that people come from all over the Metroplex to ride in horse-drawn carriages winding past spectacular displays; historic downtowns with towering Christmas trees; a hidden courtyard with lighted reindeer grazing near a brook; a drive-thru tunnel of lights; a tree fort perched above trees heavily laden with lights; a secluded picnic table under a soaring  Christmas tree in a truly romantic park; and single-family homes so well decorated they’re a destination in themselves.

Bonus: If you don’t have plans for Christmas Eve, many of these locations typically bustling are delightfully quiet as the crowds celebrate Christmas with family and friends.

Are You Looking for a Home during the holidays?  

Many people think it is wise to look for a home during the holiday season.  Why?  You will face less competition among potential buyers.  Most people spend their time preparing for the holidays and celebrating.  When you look for a home during the holidays, there is no doubt that you will be shopping among fewer buyers than you would if you were looking in the spring or summer.