Nothing is more challenging in the world of renovations than a kitchen make-over.  This is the same reason why in selling a house, kitchen improvements are the most profitable investment.  By refining your kitchen, you may generate a return of income of over 88%.

In 2015, a minor kitchen renovation would usually cost you more or less $20,000.  This would include new cabinet fronts and hardware, new oven and stovetop, even new countertops, customized flooring and paint.

Here’s the great news for you!  You do not need to spend that much anymore to vamp up your kitchen.   You can make a wonderful difference with just $200!  Yes!  What’s more?  You can customize everything as to your or your target market’s specifications since you will be in charge of the project.  If you love DIYs then this is a fitting activity for you.

Backsplash DIYs are totally creative and are also considered to be a fantastic way to express your personal preference.  You can choose from various designs and style inspirations.  The possibilities are endless!  However, before you begin splurging on your materials, here are some useful tips to consider in order to make your backsplash rust resistant, long lasting and of course, stunning.



Regardless of what style you would like to install, the very first thing you should know is how much material you are going to need.  Just decide on how much wall surface should be covered.  Usually, it’s between 25-100% of your countertop space, sometimes even including the ceiling and cabinets.  After you’ve already determined where your backsplash would begin and end, mark the areas and then measure.  In doing this, you would then be able to determine how much material to buy.  In addition, this would help you decide on which appropriate design would look good on the amount of space available.


Channel your inner creativity but still add a splash of your character.  Remember, it’s your kitchen, so own it!  Unless you are planning to sell it, of course.  It’s so disconcerting to work daily in a kitchen which does not really match your style.  Likewise, make sure that your backsplash design is apt for your entire kitchen theme.


Since most homeowners consider backsplash as a utilitarian affair meant to keep the cooking splatter off the walls, they usually choose simple materials which are easier to clean.  However, if you are aiming for an eye-catching or a visually attractive backsplash, then feel free to explore your options.  Besides, stylish doesn’t necessarily mean impractical.  There are tons of backsplash designs that serve the purpose and still look fabulous.


Another tip to keep in mind in choosing your design is to not go over the top.  Yes, you have endless beautiful design ideas to choose from but only pick one and stick to it.  Although it’s possible to mix two style ideas together and create an even more, striking effect, that does not usually work.  So if you are torn between two or three amazing designs and no way to incorporate them together, then ask opinions from friends and family.  Or you can even ask for some expert advice.


Okay.  Okay.  I understand.  It is so hard to settle for only one when you have lots of amazing options to choose from.  So here’s a compromise.  You can dive into these wonderful temporary backsplash ideas that you can easily change whenever you feel like it.


This is a rule of thumb for all things DIY.  Always research. Isn’t it disappointing that after feeling so happy and accomplished with your project, you suddenly see a better backsplash style.  Nope.  Definitely a horrifying thing.  So research well.  Compare.  And try to picture your ideal backsplash.  You don’t want your hard work to go to waste do you?

Do Not Be Afraid To Ask For Help

The idea of doing a DIY is not necessarily to do it alone.  You can ask your husband/wife or your children for some help or input.  They might even come up with fantastic ideas that might make your DIY much better.  This can also be a great bonding moment for the family.  Not to mention productive.

Indeed.  DIYs are so frustrating at times, especially for first timers.  That is normal.  You don’t really get things right on the first try.  As the cliché goes, practice makes perfect.  But of course, you don’t want to make a mess in your kitchen either.  The idea is to improve it.  So again, research and include someone else in your project.  Most of all, have fun!  Greater results are achieved when you enjoy during the process.

Here are some of the most amazing DIYs to inspire you:


This is usually seen in Bachelor’s pads.  They also look hygienic in restaurant kitchens.  But gone are the plain stainless steel backsplash since we now have seriously great stainless steel designs.


Oh.  That homey feel.  Brick backsplash never fails to make our kitchens feel cozy and warm.


Another classic.  Marble will never go out of style as it always adds a touch of elegance.


Another design that’s classic. Of course often chosen for that “cottage vibe”.


You can never go wrong with glass.  Aside from making your kitchen look classy, this backsplash is also very easy to clean.  Mirror backsplash is also great in small kitchens, as it gives out the illusion of a wider space.


Here comes your limitless choices.  The tile backsplash has it all.  Style, color, durability and an unending parade of drool-worthy designs.  Need I say more?


For those artistic and patient DIY enthusiasts, this is for you.  The amount of beauty you can achieve with a mosaic backsplash is amazing.


For those first timers, here is something easy enough for you.  It also takes less time to accomplish but still gives out that clean, tile-like design.


Stones are in too.  Depending on how you intend to distribute your material, you can easily make a great backsplash out of this as proven by the pictures below.


I know.  I know.  How can you make a backsplash out of fabric?  Wouldn’t that simply defeat the purpose?  Well, sort of.  But if you are one of those undecided as to what design would go well with their kitchen, this might work well for you.  Aside from having a lot of colorful designs, you can also change it as often as you want.  This would also be a good way to recycle your tablecloths, old dresses and unused extra fabrics that you have lying around.  Just fasten the fabric to a thin piece of plywood and coat it off with protective sealant to keep moisture off and allow easy cleaning.


The speckled beauty not only works well for counter tops and kitchen islands but are also beautiful as a kitchen backsplash.  You may not need to coordinate with your counter.  Mix and match is always a great idea in doing DIYs.



I know what you’re thinking and the answer is yes.  Paper might not sound durable, nor splatter proof but it can still absolutely work.  Mount it on a thin piece of plywood and just make sure to cover your paper backsplash with a protective coat of shellac or varnish.  You can also make cutouts for a more creative effect or even add your photos for a more personal feel.


A wonderful effect could be achieved with this backsplash, not to mention eco-friendly since you are using recycled materials.


Just like how the broken dish works, gather around your mason jars, broken or otherwise to have an amazing backsplash.


Fond of leaving notes for your loved ones or prefers your trusty recipes readily available?  Or do you just want your favorite quotes easily seen when you are working in your kitchen?  Then this is a great idea for you.

Now, who said $20,000 is a must in making your kitchen looks fabulous?  With these incredible backsplash ideas, you can now make a statement in your kitchen without spending much!

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