News is out about something that can have a significant effect on the job situation in Plano and the whole of Collin County.  Intertek is got a new facility in Plano.  This is good news for the real estate industry as well.  More jobs lead to more people buying and selling property.

According to Wikipedia, Intertek is the largest tester of consumer goods in the world.  It has over 1,000 laboratories in about 100 different countries.  The roots of the company go back to a testing company founded by Caleb Brett in Montreal in the 1880’s, and has ties to a lamp testing center established by Thomas Edison.

Besides the Plano project, this expansion of the company’s facilities includes expansion of its mock-up facility in Palm Beach which will double its size.  Regional offices are slated for Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Denver, and Los Angeles.

The expansions in Plano are extensive.  They call for mock-up testing that will help architects, designers, and contractors.  They will be testing in spaces that have mock-up curtain walls fifty feet wide by forty feet tall, with a total range of one hundred linear feet of chamber space.  Plans are even including room for further expansion in Plano in the future.

Although, as I said, the company’s roots go to Montreal and a factory established by Edison, it has come by a circuitous route to being a company based in London, and has a place on the London Stock Exchange.  Intertek is committed to safety, particularly in the building industry.  It is important to keep high standards for the building of factories and other industrial facilities.  Collin County residents should be excited about having a role to play in maintaining that safety.

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