Memories are best when not forgotten.  Time forgets but photos will always remind you of those happy days, happy memories you would never want to forget.  That’s why albums were very important during the old days.  Now, we have technology, social media has been the number one mode of saving and preserving memories by just uploading photos.  This can be a good way, but it decreases the emotion and photos become less special.

Add some more emotional and personal touches on your home decor with your family photos.  The hard part is, how?  Losing ideas on how to arrange your family photos at home?  We’ve collected some cool, unique and creative way of displaying family photos.  Check out these ideas:

Place your photos in a screw top glass jars or mason jars.  This one makes your special memory looks more special

There’s no better way of recycling your old scrabble board.  This mom’s brilliant idea is to use the scrabble tiles in captioning them.

Decorate the corners of your home with your special family photos.

Create your own clock with your photos.  You might want to arrange the photos according to your kid’s schedule or your family’s daily routine.

Another good way of recycling.  Use the old shutters to pin or clip your family photos then hang them on your wall.  You can even have it as a part of your garden.

Old windows can be good picture frames, too!

Family tree.  There are a many ways you can show your family tree.  Why not show it on your wall?  And redo that usual table of pictures of your family lying in your study?

Instagram wall is now very common.  Why not have one in your room and display your family selfies and group pictures?  You can always make it more creative and unique!

Shape ’em!  You don’t need to be an artist to form something with your family photos.  Simple, yet meaningful.

Lettering!  Crop and form them into letters.  I would suggest creating something like this to form your family name.  It’s cool!  I’m sure visitors will love them!

Make them BIG!  Have your family photo or kids’ photo printed in a tarp or you can have it personalized wallpaper.

Boxes of small photos?  Or maybe stacks of photo albums.  With clothespin, you can display all those photos as cool as this.

Some of us have their family history photos.  It would look great if you match these photos with the color of your wall and furniture.

This one is one of my favorites.  Feel the love in your family’s memory with your photos in a bottle.  Along with your photo, you can add some sort of messages and put inside the bottles to make it more special.

Whenever there’s darkness, there is always family.  Make those Christmas lights more useful with this creative way of displaying family photos.  Christmas should be everyday, right?

Frames hava always been a part of photos.  And here are some easy DIY frames for your unforgettable family moments.

Be more expressive and mix in some special words, sayings or personal messages to your photo arrangement

Extra things at home can be more useful than you can imagine.  Just look how cool this curtain rod turned into fabulous family photo decoration.

Beautiful entrance! Hang your special moments on the sides of your door.  It reminds you what family always getting together means.

Family photos collage on your wall.  No matter how you design it, it’s the memories within those photos that counts.

Inspiration on your workstation has been proven to increase productivity.  Looking at your family whenever you’re on overtime reminds you what your hard work is for.

There are so many more unique and creative ways of displaying and preserving family photos.  Display them at home or in the office.  No matter where and how you do it, the most important thing is to not to forget those memories and to always remember what family is.