When selling your home, you would like it to look its best.  With the price you are asking, you would want to show it off as if it should be more expensive to catch more buyers.  Homes that look more expensive than their price would make buyers feel like they are getting a great deal.

There are a lot of ways to do this, some ways will cost you dollars which is actually not practical and surely will not work if you’re doing it to get your home sold.  So if you’re planning to sell your home, we have gathered tips and easy DIY that will help you make your home look more expensive.

Crown Molding.  Looking at those plain blank corners of your walls and ceilings makes them look boring and cheap.  The Penny Parlor just shared how easy to make crown molding like this one.


Via The Penny Parlor

Windows Trimming.  After the corners of the walls and the ceiling, next is the windows.  Some homes were built with boring windows, too!  Just like what you did crown molding, trim those plain windows the way this father and child did.

Via Jenna Sue Design

Wainscotting.  Which one looks more glamorous?  The after picture of course.  It does look more expensive and more appealing to the eyes.  See here how this entryway transformed!

Via Home Depot

Paneled Wall.  With the right remodeling, walls can be rich and look sophisticated.  Just like what Jenna Sue did on their bedroom makeover.

Via Jenna Sue Design

Window Valance.  Another DIY to make your windows look stunning for just less than $30.  See how here.

Via I Heart Naptime

Staircases.  Maximize those extra spaces!  Depending on how you do it, your home can have that expensive look.  This idea of including unique modern lighting made this house gorgeous!

Via Pinterest


Backsplash.  Add more glamour to your kitchen by putting on a marble backsplash.  Check out the difference between these before and after photos and see how to do it here.

Via Remodelando La Casa

Wood Beam.  Pipes showing up at the bathroom?  You don’t have to lower your ceiling to cover them up.  Wood beams are beautiful and can add character on your ceilings.

Via Beneath My Heart

Spray Paint.  Just like magic!  Spray paint turns anything into something classy.  Remember to choose the right colors for best results.  Check these examples of how to spray paint can make your house look more expensive here.

Via Little Green Notebook

Recessed Lights.  Get that dramatic effect with recessed lights to your home.  Here’s a detailed how-to.

Via The Family Handyman.

It’s surprising how easy and affordable it is to make your home look more expensive than what it really costs.  These listed tips are all DIYs.  You don’t have to pay for skilled services.  So if you are planning to sell your home, you can try some of these for a much lower cost than you expected.  For sure, when buyers start to come by to check your home for sale, they will be impressed and think that they are buying more than what they are paying for with these little tricks.  Don’t worry, you’re not cheating them.  It’s just an additional effort to get more interested buyers and get your home sold faster.