Agent of the Year ReCharge 2015


Being successful in real estate is not easy.  It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, not to mention rockstar social skills and a lot of positive attitudes.  Acquiring appropriate knowledge is also very vital in this line of work since to be considered as a great broker, one must have not just a few, but a ton of tricks under her sleeve.  Fortunately, an amazing motivational coaching and practical training were offered to those who want to chase success.  ReCharge, a real estate event which gathered all the motivated individuals together, served as a melting pot of awesome ideas and effective techniques that are sure to help in snatching a great deal.

The vibrant three-day event was held last October 21st to October 23rd of 2015.  Some of the addressed issues included a detailed action plan on how to survive the marketplace as a new agent, introduction of modern methods and systems that will ultimately ensure consistently efficient transactions and proven systems for automating all aspects of the business.  In addition, they also have communication and transaction models to support higher performance and increase client satisfaction and loyalty.  With these approaches, many of those who felt left behind due to the fast-paced technological changes were able to breathe easier.  ReCharge was also able to wipe away the hesitation of many due to the unstable economy and fluctuating market trends.

Learning from the best and brightest in the real estate industry, attendees indeed consider their time as well spent. ReCharge was hosted by one of the most sought after speaker when it comes to sales performance strategies in the industry, Hoss Pratt.  Hoss Pratt is also known for quickly multiplying his client’s business results with automated systems that maximize efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity and minimize the mundane tasks of the daily grind.  His effectivity as a speaker garnered ReCharge 50% of repeat attendees yearly, and most of these recommend the event to their friends.

ReCharge was able to fulfill their promise of getting their attendees equipped with new perspectives, practical tools, and key takeaways that will enable them to double their profits.  The attendees certainly learned from industry experts in creating and implementing new action plans, and they were also able to renew their passion and commitment to building the business and to remember what motivated them to start the business in the first place.

ReCharge brought together the leading minds in real estate sales and coaching for these three days of training, enlightenment, and motivation.  For each session, it was lead by a certain top performer who has used the proven methods in building their own wildly successful businesses.  The speakers shared the exact tactics that are very much useful in making it in the industry.

One of the chosen agents to be on the Top Agent panel for the event to speak and dazzle the crowd with her expertise is Sheila Fejeran from The Fejeran Group.  Sheila, who graces her clients with her tagline, “Autographed with Excellence” was able to not only give out helpful pieces of advice during the event but also received the “Agent of the Year” award.  A lot of clients refer to the Fejeran Group because of Ms. Sheila Fejeran’s vast knowledge regarding the business.  Not only is she expert in closing deals but she is really well versed when it comes to the laws and rules of construction.

But how does The Fejeran Group stand out in a fiercely competitive market?  Let me count the ways.  For one, they are not afraid of change.  Instead of staying within the borders of the traditional playing field, they try to use technology into their advantage and heighten up their sales without intimidating their clients.  Another thing that The Fejeran Group takes pride in is its amazing collaboration.  The diversity of the group worked out really well and their differences made them a more efficient and productive team.  And of course, they make every client as their priority.  Sheila Fejeran made sure that they bank their success on their relationships with their clients and not just on the transactions alone.