Ah! Smell that? It’s Spring! This is a wonderful time in the Collin County area. It makes one want to get out and do things. Freshening up our homes, either in preparation for sale, or just because we need a lift can blow the winter temperatures right out of our memories!

One thing you can do on the outside to give it an immediate improvement in appearance is some freshening of the landscape. Curb appeal is considered to be all important when trying to sell a property. Statistics show there is about a 250% return on investment (ROI) increase in the price of a property when landscaping is improved. Trim the bushes, neaten the edges of the lawn, and scrape the cracks in the walkways. If you have a flower bed, put in some nice bright pansies and/or petunias. Maybe you prefer bulbs. Bright colors will carry the day. Naturally, if the paint on the house is chipping or cracking, a touch-up there is in order, also.

It’s also time to check the gutters and roof of the house. Scraping and cleaning the gutters can show you where any repairs are needed. Keeping your gutters in good order can help save the finish on the house, too. Nothing says “neglect” like rusty water stains down the outside wall. While you’re looking up, check the chimney to see if the bricks need pointing or the flashing needs repair.

If you have a basement, and there is water seepage, you probably already know that you need to work around the foundation of your house. If nothing has hit the basement, don’t think you’re home free. Take a walk around the outside of your house. Do you see any cracks along the foundation? If you do, you may need to have a trusted professional assess the situation. One thing to remember is that with the soil in Texas, the foundation needs to be watered to keep it from cracking.

Are the downspouts in good order? Do they direct the water to a good distance away from the house? Is your property sloped and drained in such a way that water doesn’t collect in lingering puddles? A little online research can show you how to arrange proper drainage.

Next, take stock of the lawn situation. If you seeded in the fall, you probably have already done some research on what to do next. Proper lawn care is a must if you are preparing to sell your home. You’ll want to keep it thick and lush, and well-trimmed for that manicured look. Judicious watering and mowing will help make your home a show-place.

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