Looking for some mind-blowing activities in Van Alstyne, TX?  Look no further because we’ve got you covered!  Whether you’ll plan to relocate or visit for a couple of weeks or for just a few days, in any season, we guarantee that there are countless things to do, from dining, entertainment, special events, arts, sports, history and so much more!


Van Alstyne, TX

Van Alstyne, Texas, a small community called “Liberty” is located in southeastern Grayson County and its city limit extends south slightly into the Collin County.  It was founded in 1872 when railroads began their rapid expansion and formation of new settlements into the rich Blacklands of North Texas.  The railroads bypassed the little town of Mantua that had been earlier settled in 1854, most of Mantua’s citizens purchased land from the railroad company and laid out a townsite bringing with them their businesses and religions.

Nowadays, residents, tourist enjoy numerous entertainments, local and exotic cuisines, and working in offices in the historic downtown district.  It now represents country living at its finest with easy access to city amenities.

The city of Van Alstyne represents country living at its finest with easy access to city amenities.  This historical town was characterized by gently rolling hills, tree-lined neighborhoods, with plenty of unique shops, beautiful parks, and historical sites.  Amenities and cultural opportunities are numerous and growing.


Events in Van Alstyne, TX

Friends of the Library Breakfast, Meet and Greet and Parks are only some of the recurring events in the townsite.  If you’re affable and want to meet people, Van Alstyne is the best place for you.  What’s more, is that it’s also the location of some of the captivating major events in Texas.

The Great Big Van Alstyne Fall Der All– They say Fall Der All is more than a festival but is a celebration of life, of art and of the community!  This one-day festival is filled with live music, lots of vendors, car show, scarecrow parade, other traditional activities and much more!

The name also lends a blend of excitement and curiosity to the event.  According to promoters Fall Der All came from the word “falderal” that defines “trivial or mere nonsense”.  Oh but wait, the activities during the events are undoubtedly no nonsense.

Downtown Halloween trick-or-treats- Van Alstyne, TX, provides kids and parents a safe, and controlled environment in which to trick-or-treat.  Children were invited with an empty bag, a scary face or a princess dress and trick or treat the downtown merchants.  The haunted house at the old feed store on Marshall Street will be open to the public.  This event is hosted by Van Alstyne Chamber of Commerce.

Christmas parade- Christmas Parade is the most popular festival in Van Alstyne.  The town welcomes everyone to take part in it.  Anyone can join and enter a float without paying anything however some parameters must be met for the town’s safety and security.  Every year they will change the theme, and at the end of the event, they’ll choose the best float and give consolation prices.

Concerts in the Park– Many free concerts in the park are held throughout the year.  This recurring event is best for music lovers.  Acoustic, pop, country music you name it they have it in Van Alstyne, all you needed to do is to bring your lawn chair or quilt, bring your kids, invite your friends and get ready for a good time. 

Parks in Van Alstyne, TX

Whether you’re looking for an adventure, a great time for the whole family or a break from work, parks in Van Alstyne has countless unique experiences that suit your needs.  The City has four beautiful parks with a variety of facilities and activities for your enjoyment.

It’s time to connect with nature, with history, with friends, and with family.


Dorothy Fielder Park– Located at the main street that features a gazebo, a fountain, and an urban green area.  Special activities in Dorothy Fielder Park include downtown summer live music concerts, weddings, community prayer meetings, and fundraising.

In order to keep Van Alstyne beautiful, fundraisers thought of a genius idea.  Last March 2015 locals and tourist can purchase bricks to be laid in Dorothy Fielder Park with their names on it.  The fundraising event lasts for more or less two months.


North Park— North Park is a place good for picnics, playground or just to wander around.  It can be found at the northern end of town off Northern Waco Street.  This park is perfect for kids since it has a variety of playground equipments and covered picnic area.  North Park opens from 6 AM to 12 AM.


Wilson McKinney Park– Located in E Jefferson St, next to Van Alstyne Fire Department and close to Van Alstyne Cemetery.  This park offers baseball/softball fields, a playground, and a Gazebo.

The large gazebo at Wilson Mckinney Park is a perfect place for weddings, parties, family reunions, and other special events.




Forrest W. Moore Park— Discover this historical site towards the southern end of the city in S Waco Street.  Numerous outdoor activities can be done here free of charge.  The park has four baseball/softball fields, four lighted tennis courts, sand volleyball, basketball court, walking trails, playground, and picnic areas.

Forrest W. Moore Park was built in honor of Forrest Weather lord Moore. Photo credit to Melissa Arnold Texas Red Photography.


Food and Dining in Van Alstyne, TX

Food trip?  Not a problem at all.  In Van Alstyne, its cuisine was influenced by a wide range of cultural influences that includes Mexican, Tex-Mex, Modern and Native American, Italian, Asian and more!  Here’s a list of best restaurants you shouldn’t miss while you’re in Van Alstyne.


Buck Snort Bbq Restaurant

Details: Good for hometown buffet and one of the best real Texas barbecue in town.
Address: 224 E Jefferson Street Van Alstyne, TX 75495
Contact number: (903) 482-6171
Website: bucksnortbbq.com
Cuisine and Dishes: American Cuisine and Barbecue
Other Features: Good for lunch and has a casual ambiance.


El Patio Escondido Mexican Restaurant

Details: El Patio Escondido is a family owned restaurant that has great food and liquor.
Address: 495 W Van Alstyne Pkwy Van Alstyne, TX 75495
Contact number: (903) 482-5588
Website: elpatioescondido.com
Cuisine and Dishes: Mexican Cuisine
Other Features: Has a sufficient parking lot for costumes.


Whistle Stop Cafe

Details: A great little hometown cafe.  Experience the best of home cooking.
Address: 166 N Main St, Van Alstyne, TX 75495-9700
Contact number: (903) 482-4207
Website: whistlestopcafetx.com
Cuisine and Dishes: American Cuisine, Sandwiches, Burgers
Other Features: Good for people who want a low-carb diet.


Romano’s Pizza Cafe
Details: Great place to gather.  Serves one of the best pizzas in town.
Address: 221 E Marshall Dr, Van Alstyne, TX 75495
Contact number: (903) 482-1084
Website: http://www.romanosva.com/
Cuisine and Dishes: Italian Cuisine, Pizza
Other Features: Great pizza at a friendly price.


La Clima

Details: An authentic Mexican Restaurant.  Serves one of the best Salsa in town.
Address: 21 Fm 3356, Van Alstyne, TX 75495
Contact number: (903) 712-3663
Website: La Clima’s facebook page
Cuisine and Dishes: Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine
Other Features: Small location, but can easily access with sufficient parking lots.



Jack in the Box

Details: Fast food at its finest.  Clean, easy access and food at affordable prices.
Address: 121 S Henry Hynds Expy, Van Alstyne, TX 75495
Contact number: (903) 482-9450
Website: jackinthebox.com
Cuisine and Dishes: Fast food
Other Features: Opens at 6:00 AM-1:00 AM.


Shopping, Groceries and Farm Market in Van Alstyne, TX

Van Alstyne was “shopping small” before it was fashionable.  You can find handcrafted items by the local artisans or antiques grand and small.  Shop for your everyday necessities at the city’s hardware, pharmacy, grocery stores, and farmer’s market.  This historical town although small has just everything you need in the town.


Summit Mercantile

Details: Antique Store
Address: 241 E Marshall St, Van Alstyne, TX 75495
Contact number: (903) 712-2222
Website: summitmercantile.com
Other Features: Sells unusual furnishing for your home that specializes in kitchen island pieces, traditional antiques, industrial and architectural pieces as well as vintage lightning.


Elmont Farmers Market

Details: Farmers Market
Address: Corner Of FM 121 and FM 3356Van Alstyne, TX 75495
Contact number: (214) 675-8314
Website: http://www.localharvest.org/elmont-farmers-market-M24656
Other features: The Historic Elmont Farmers Market is created to provide a true agricultural farmers market where the vendors create a myriad of foods, crafts, and local handmade products, fruits and vegetables utilizing natural or organic methods.  Freshly grown fruits and vegetables are the staples of the market not to mention homemade bakery items, pottery, soaps, candles, flowers, organic beef, fresh artisan breads, tamales, needle crafts, jewelry, birdhouses, seasonal crafts, and other products.


Rain Lilies Boutique

Details: Cosmetics and Beauty Supply
Address: 136 N Main St Van Alstyne, TX 75495
Contact number: (469) 795-1504
Website: rainliliesboutique.com
Other Features: Uses all natural ingredients for products.


Historical Sites in Van Alstyne, TX

Van Alstyne is proud of its long and interesting history.  Fortunately, most of its historic sites are still available for tours and viewing.


Van Alstyne Historical Museum— In 1973, Van Alstyne Society was organized in the purpose of preserving historical artifacts of the town.  The group then seeks artifacts and makes available facts about the town’s founders, families, and culture related to the settlement of the area.   Since then the Museum was built and was supported by the Society and private donations.



Some of the treasures that can be found in the Museum include:

  • Furniture and other artifacts from the Collin McKinney home.
  • Items from a typical 1890’s country home.
  • Ephemera from early Van Alstyne businesses.
  • Histories of many of the homes in the area.
  • A replica of a country store in the early 1900s, complete with a coal stove, a spittoon from the Interurban and apothecary containers.
  • Photos of the town’s early people and places – a must-see for those interested in local genealogy and history.

Van Alstyne Historical Museum is located at 214-218 East Jefferson St., across the City Hall.