When should I move? This is a question that keeps running through your mind for various reasons.  You may want a change of environment, change of career, family reasons, and other personal reasons and situations that call the need for moving.

If you are planning to move, or If you are trying to decide whether you should move or not, there are many things you need to consider.  There will be a lot of questions you need to ask yourself.

Can I afford to move now?

Is it your first time to move?  You might not be aware of how much it will cost to move and what the cost will be.  Unless you are moving to a cheaper place, moving means spending more than you will ever get back.  When you move, you should set a budget for the list below or else you will end up spending more than you should be.

Moving company expenses.  When hiring moving companies, it is advisable, you have to ask for estimates at least 3 or 5 companies for comparison purposes.  Moving company expenses includes the moving company fee which is inclusive of fuel and labor, additional insurance, extra services like professional packing, preparing appliances, moving furniture, etc., and other extra charges for flight charge, long carry a charge and others.  Here’s a list of moving companies in Collin County, TX:

Move on your own.  If you prefer to do the moving without moving companies, there are also expenses you need to include in your budget.  Surely, you are going to need a truck rental.  Other items you need to include in your budget are fuel, extra equipment rental, and a budget for incidentals in case you’ll need extra gas, and extra stops.  Always ask the rental agencies what other extra services are included in their packages to save more.


Travel expenses.  There are still other expenses you need to consider whether you are hiring movers or you are moving on your own.  If you have a car, include in your budget the transportation costs – fuel, maintenance costs, and driver fees if you are going to need one.

Along with your traveling, depending on the distance, set up a budget for lodging, meals, your child/children’s needs, and your pet’s needs if you have one.


Here’s a list of short term places in Collin County, TX:

Packing.  Do not underestimate the things you need to purchase when packing.  Know the number of moving boxes you will need.  Determine how many bubblewrap, newsprints, tape, label mattress covers or padding you are going to use in packing.  You might want to do research on storage fees, too.

It is always better to set a budget with extras for ‘what ifs’ and for emergencies, in case.  Set the highest budget you can afford for your moving expenses.

Here’s a list where you can buy boxes for moving your things:

If I move now, what about my job?

Let’s say, you are done listing all the expenses needed when moving and you see that you have the budget to cover it all up.  Next question you need to ask yourself is, ‘what about my job?’  If you are moving because of a new job, your decision of whether to move or when to move is up to the company.

But if you are moving and knowing that you need to find a new and better job, you need to set the date of moving after you have found the perfect job in that new place.  This is to ensure financial stability for you and your family.

Finding a job is not easy especially if you are looking for a job in a place where you don’t live.  Check out the job market in the new city or town you are moving to.  Do they have a better job market?  Are you going to land in a job better than your previous job?  What about the salary and the cost of living in the area?  All these questions need to be answered positively so you could say yes about moving.

Will I be able to find a new place to live?

So, now you have landed a job.  The next question is, ‘where will you live?’  You are luckiest if the new job offers to the house for you and your family.  But this only happens once in a million job offers.  So you have to start searching for a good place to stay.  Of course, it is always best to look for a place near your work.

Have you decided if you are going to rent or buy a home?  Choosing to rent sometimes is not a good choice.  If it’s going to be for a few months, it could work.  But renting for years?  Paying rent month after month is just like throwing money but getting nothing.

To rent or to buy a new home, you will need to know whether the housing market you are going to will make it easy or difficult.  All resources for home buyers are already available online.  Try our home search to get a list of homes for sale in a specific area you are looking to move into.  We made the search easier for you.  You can search by city, search by subdivision, zip code, search homes nearby schools, and you can even search for homes near your work.  To make it easier, you can just contact us or give us a call at 972-948-0715 for the newest listings.  We will make the home search and your move easier and hassle less.

When is the perfect timing to move?

Let’s say everything is all set.  You’ve set the budget for moving and you see that you can afford to move anytime,  you already landed a new better job in the new city, and you just found the perfect place you and your family will live.  What’s next?  The date.  When is the right time?

There are factors that may affect the moving date.  Most of the time, it is based on your new job’s call.  It would be better to set the moving date days before your first day at work.  This gives you a time to settle down on your new home and prepare.

Whether you are going to rent or you have bought a new home, the good question is, when will the new home ready to move in?  There have been situations wherein you have already traveled all your things and reached the new place just to see it is not yet ready to move in.  This will cost you paying storage for your things and paying lodge for a night or two.

If you have children going to school, it might be a good idea to consider moving when the school year ends so as not to affect the kids’ schooling.  If due to some reasons, this is not permitted, there are ways to help your children change schools, deal with the move, and cope with the new environment.

When you move, are you going to leave behind family and friends?  If possible, avoid moving on or before major holidays like Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, and other holidays, festivals or special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.  These are the times you should be celebrating or at least be with your loved ones.  You wouldn’t be in a new place and be lonely these days.  Better yet, take the holidays or any special occasion to say goodbyes.

What season is a good time to move?  There are two important things you need to know.  Most people schedule their move on a summer.  No school for kids, the weather is perfect, and family and friends are mostly available for help.  Perfect time, right?  You do have to realize that this seems to be the perfect time for other people to move, too.  So expect moving companies to be on their peak season.  Rates become higher, and trucks become unavailable.

You also would not want to move during winter for simple reasons – it’s cold and snowy.  Traveling is not going to be easy.  The freezing temperature might cause damages to your things.  Also, the change of climate – from cold to warm or the other way around will cause damages to your household items, especially if they were not properly sealed.  So if you are in a warm place and planning to move to a place with the winter season in time, it is best to consider rescheduling your move.

Moving any time of year is not easy unless you have a flexible time.